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Kingdom Projects, Inc.


Who We Are

The new KPI Board Member, Tim Loftus, said it best, "KPI has been re-invented." 

Since October of 2016, KPI has gone through some major changes. These changes were necessary for two very important reasons; Employee Safety and Financial Recovery. The discontinuance of the recycling service addressed both areas. The hot food program and the resale store were financial drains, so they were discontinued.

Most all of KPI's 60 employees are now engaged in subcontract work from industry. These jobs include assembly, labeling, sorting packaging, mowing and cleaning the sidewalks downtown Fulton, as well as a few parking lots.

When you walk into the KPI work area, you will notice many smiles! You will also see a very organized work space with open aisles for safe passage.

Not all changes have been easy to adjust to, but all changes have served a purpose. KPI's standards have been raised to that of a "business model."


What We Do

KPI provides dignified employment and training opportunities to individuals with disabilities. This is accomplished by providing a variety of jobs and trying to match the job as close as possible to the abilities of the employee. The training KPI prepares an individual for working in the competitive job market if that is their goal.

Before an applicant is qualified to work at KPI, they must be tested by a professional Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. This testing determines whether they are ready for the competitive job market or if they will be certified to work in an extended employment facility, such as KPI.

If you have any questions or would like to tour the new KPI please contact KPI at (573) 642-7333. 







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