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The Callaway County United Way is saving the environment by recycling cell phones and ink cartridges!! 
Join us!  GO GREEN!
Cell Phone Recycling:
It is estimated that over 125 million wireless phones will be discarded this year! Wireless phones can be redistributed, refurbished or recycled - almost every part of a wireless phone is recyclable! Recycling your phone costs you nothing and contributes to the well-being of our planet.

Ever wonder what to do with those old, useless cell phones lying around your house?  The Callaway County United Way has the solution.

The CCUW has partnered with The Wireless Alliance, a company in Colorado, to collect and recycle old cell phones.   There is no cost associated with this project and the United Way will receive approximately $2.00 for each phone donated.

The program will keep cell phones and the harmful chemicals within them – out of our landfills.  The parts will be recycled and some phones will find new users such as our soldiers.  And your donations will help thousands in Callaway County.

 If your business would like to participate in our efforts to recycle cell phones simply click here.  You will receive a receptacle collection box.  When the box is full simply seal and return using the attached pre-paid FedEx label. There is no cost to you. You will be helping the environment and you are contributing to the CCUW.

If you have any questions concerning this project please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 573-642-0536.



Ink Cartridge Recycling: 

Like cell phones, old printer ink cartridges should not go in our landfills.  The CCUW has partnered with PCR, is a family run business located in Auburn, Washington, to collect and recycle these items.  There is no cost associated with this project and the UW will be paid directly for each empty laser toner, inkjet, fax cartridges recycled.  


Where to drop off your old cell phones and cartridges?   There is a collection box located at RE/MAX Select - 512 Market Street in Fulton - and several other location around town.   Please Contact Us to find the nearest drop off site. 


Thank you for helping to save the environment!  


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Fall of 2017 Goal for 2018 Funding year!


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